About Me

Following the ONE bucketlist item we both share, my husband and I sold our beloved home and became full-time RVers with our 13 year old & 21 year old sons, and two miniture Australia shephard dogs to travel around the United States before building our forever home. 

Our bucketlist framework is simple … travel, explore, discover, & capture memories.

I’m Dollie Freeman

Starting my online journey in 2012, I had absolutely no knowledge of how to do ANYTHING from website, social media, or marketing, so I knew the only way to grow was by investing in knowledge. 

With over $60K investing in inperson events and travel, and over $100K invested in online courses and highend coaching programs, I’ve became obsessed with learning.

In my experience of being amoung hundred of thousands of learners, like me, I began to recognize common consumer behaviors that hindered progress in every course and coaching program that I participated in. 

Having my own digital products, I recognized the same behavior happening inside my community and offers. 

That’s when I began to develop a content strategy that motivates progress. 

Since 2016, I’ve been perfecting this content strategy to develop a Tangible Transformation Box™. 

Now, I teach existing digital product creators how to uplevel their customers, members, and clients experience AND SUCCESS by honing in on how to motivate progress with Gamified Frameworks packed inside a Tangible Transformation Box™. 

Success stories and word of mouth referrals does not have to be this hard. 



(Current Coach)



(Current Coach)

“Leave a visible path of your success where those who desire to follow in your footsteps know exact which steps to take to experience the transformation journey only you can deliver.”
Dollie Freeman

My Skills

One of my superpowers is to actively listen to digital product creators to identify frameworks in what they teach, quicksand situations they don’t realize themself; oftentimes, uncovering physical products hiding inside of their digital products. This skill has unlocked my ability to use my knowledge of how the brain learns and the psychology of consumers to develop a content strategy that makes up the physical components that designs
a Tangible Transformation Box™. 

My top skills that you’ll have access to when you secure my services as a one-on-one coach is my ability to actively listen to your experience use what I’ve pulled from our time together and couple it with my knowledge of how influence science works, my content strategy, and graphic design to guide and assist you in developing your brand’s Tangible Transformation Box™.

  • Actively Listening
  • Influence Science
  • Content Strategy
  • Graphic Design

I’m a believer of developing a product that has motivation built into it.

Let’s Start Your Tangible Transformation Box™ In Time For Your First or Next Event