Woohoo!!!! Get Ready To Elevate Your Brand Above Your Competitors
By Proving Your Market’s Transformation Is Just ONE Box Away!

Now that you’ve secure your place as a one-on-one Gamified Frameworks™ client for one year, you’ll receive three emails. 

Email #1: You’ll receive a reciept with with a link to access your purchase that redirects to this page. Ignore that link. Instead, look for email #2. 

Email #2: You’ll receive an email that states DETAILS For Your Gamified Frameworks™ Coaching. You’ll want to save this email for your records, as it will have all the details of what is included in the package you purchased.

This email will have generic details of your package. 

Once your payment has been received, I’ll begin working behind the scenes to onboard you as a yearly client, and get you set up to design YOUR Tangible Transformation Box. 

This will include the following:

Email #3: You’ll have a personalized email sent to you to set up your FOUR coaching sessions to design YOUR Tangible Transformation Box™. These are TWO hours each session.

Email #4: You’ll receive an email that states Welcome to ‘YOUR NAME’ Hub. Inside this email, you’ll have a link to click so you can REGISTER your PERSONAL hub to your account. You’ll need to create a password so you can log in to the hub. If you don’t log in with the password, after you’ve register, you will NOT see any content.  

Inside the Hub, you’ll find your PERSONAL Zoom Meeting Link for our coaching sessions, details for Voxer communication, and the schedule for your coaching sessions. Replays of the sessions will be added here. 

You’ll also gain access to resources, you’ll use to design your Tangible Transformation Box™ and then your remaining 11 month coaching will be added once we finalize your coaching schedule moving beyond designing YOUR Tangible Transformation Box. 

With these four emails, you’ll be all set to elevate your brand above your competitors by proving your market’s transformation is just ONE box away!  

Let’s get this DONE and ready to transform lives, 

Dollie Freeman